Plush Festival is a family run event, and since we staged our first concert at Plush 22 years ago, many changes in our lives have led to a period of reflection on the future of the festival.

After much discussion, we have decided the time has come for Plush Festival to draw to a close, with the possibility of reuniting our musical community in the future.

Over the last two decades we have been blessed with an extraordinary journey at Plush. It has been a time filled with astonishing music-making and camaraderie, harmony and discord, friendships formed and fostered, smiling volunteers, musical discoveries and challenges, dancing bats, sublime sunsets and experiences that have made us all feel more connected, and life feel infinitely valuable and rewarding. The stone walls of St. Johns have reverberated with many wonderful sounds and experiences and the magical soul of this building and the ancient hills surrounding it will live on. We have been lucky to share these experiences with you and they will always be remembered.

We would like to give special thanks to all Friends, Patrons, Volunteers and Trustees for your commitment and generosity over the years. Without you the festival would not have been possible and we are deeply grateful for all that has been shared.

We will be in touch with future developments in Spring 2019, including the possibility of a final celebratory concert at Plush. Please do share any memories or ideas you have with us and stay tuned for more news going forward.

The Plush Festival Team