“The musicianship is uniformly excellent, but it’s the spirit behind the music that makes Plush exceptional. With its idyllic setting and informal warmth, it’s a sharp contrast to metropolitan concert halls.”

Roger Graef, Trustee

Plush is an independent not-for-profit organisation kept alive through the commitment and passion of individual sponsors and our community of members. With your support we are able to meet production costs, explore new ideas and invite the most talented rising stars and established musicians to Plush each year. In return there are benefits to enjoy and the great satisfaction of joining a unique community of music lovers.

Every contribution makes a difference to the festival and brings us closer to what we can achieve. Give your support by joining our Sponsor a Seat campaign, or become a Member, Sponsor a Concert or Leave a Legacy.

  • Sponsor a Seat

    Five years ago we bid farewell to the much loved pews in St Johns. Our beautiful new chairs offer greater comfort and less creaking. However, they are a significant investment for the festival and we need your help to deliver our target of 200 seats.

    Thank you so much to everyone who has sponsored already. We have come a long way, with 162 chairs…but we still need your help us reach our target!

    Sponsor a seat for £45 or sponsor two seats for £90
    Sponsor a seat for £200 or two seats for £400
    and receive the best available seats for any concert you attend in 2017.

  • Friend Membership

    Friends form the community at the heart of the festival. We are always inspired by the enthusiasm and warmth we receive from our Friends, who contribute in making the atmosphere at Plush so special and have been intrinsic to the development of the festival.

    Friends enjoy the following benefits:

    • Programme information sent in advance of general release
    • Priority booking (after Patrons)
    • Opportunities to meet the artists

    There are two levels of Friend membership:

    • Direct Debit of one-off membership at £20 per year
    • Direct Debit of one-off membership at £40 per year
  • Patron Membership

    Our Patrons provide invaluable support to the festival, with revenue going directly towards musicians fees, enabling us to continue inviting a balance of rising stars and established musicians each year. Patrons often become closely involved with the festival, contribute ideas and feedback and enjoy the following benefits:

    • Programme information sent in advance of general release
    • Priority booking for concerts
    • Priority seating for events
    • Annual drinks party

    Join Patrons by subscribing to our annual membership scheme.
    There are two levels to choose from:

    • Annual or One-off membership £200 per year
    • Annual or One-off membership £400 per year
  • International Membership

    If you live outside the UK and wish to become a member, please download our International Support Form Plush 2017 which includes bank details for setting up direct debit or transfers.

  • Sponsor a Concert

    Sponsoring a concert, or concert series, is an invaluable and unique way of enabling us to pursue our artistic ambitions. In return you will receive complimentary tickets, a listing or half page advert in our programme and public credit at the festival if desired. Sponsorship packages can be tailored to suit your individual requirements, or adapt to those who are keen to sponsor in pairs/groups.

    Sponsor a concert (starting at £500) benefits:

    • A memorable experience and legacy
    • Product & brand publicity in our festival brochure, website & programme notes
    • Complimentary tickets, depending upon the level of sponsorship
    • The opportunity to meet world class musicians & artists
    • A picturesque and historical location

    To find out more about sponsorship please contact us.

  • Leave a Legacy

    By remembering us in your will you are able to make a lasting contribution to the festival which will be invested into the future. Please contact us if you would like to leave the festival with either a residuary, pecuniary or specific legacy.